Lower Your Heart Risk – Adopt a dog

RamboAccording to a recent study by the American Heart Association, owning a dog may protect you from heart disease, even more than other pets.

According to Rambo, guest blogger and feline extraordinaire, “Phooey.” OK Rover, so you get somebody out for a walk once in awhile which has a positive effect on the heart and reduces cholesterol and the bad fats in the blood, but that is no comparison to the cardio workout I can give someone when he tries to tries to give me a pill or catch me to put me up for the night.

I know they also suggested that dogs produce a stress-reducing sense of calm and contentment. Blood pressure and heart rate are reduced, and adrenaline-like hormone release is decreased. Yeah, but I’ll bet a dog can’t even come close to the serenity my family experiences when they come home to find speakers haven’t been shredded, shoes contain no hairballs and the curtains are dry. Now that’s bliss – and you are certainly welcome.

And what about the stockbroker study, forty-eight stressed, hypertensive stockbrokers were divided into groups. Members of the group with a dog or a cat were much calmer in stressful situation. My insider sources tell me that rumor has it that the brokers who lived with cats were even less stressed – undoubtedly because of, as anyone knows, the cat’s ability to give uncannily accurate investment advice.

If you simply want to decrease your blood pressure, lower you cholesterol get in better shape and reduce your stress, adopt a dog, but if you want all that plus the exceptional experience of living with one of God’s most extraordinary creatures, I humbly suggest that you adopt a cat. Or you can give a health promoting feline gift to your cigar smoking, beer drinking, couch potato uncle – you may save his life. Of course if you save someone’s life you are responsible for that person for the rest of your life. Hmm, maybe stick with the tie for his birthday.

Rambo, thanks for your unbiased counterpoint.

-Dr. Hunthausen


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